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Aidc And Pos

A barcode reader or scanner, also known as a POS (point of sale) scanner is an input hardware device which is capable of reading a barcode using a laser.

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Pole displays, which are generally known as customer displays. It shows Items and price information to the customer. They are common in fast food establishments at the check out counter. Check out our vast collection of Pole Displays.

POS keyboards are specialized keyboards which are designed just to meet the needs of point-of-sale systems, It has specialized buttons, integrated card readers, and programmable keys.

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A POS (Point of sale) terminal, is the physical equipment will allow your businesses to process payments. It is a computerized replacement for cash registers.

A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) is a device which used to gather information from an RFID tag, which then is used to track individual objects. Looking for RFID Solutions? Check our website for a good range of products.

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